Measurement and regulation of 15-min. peak

Electricity price makes the important part of large-scale consumer costs. Therefore its dercriesing has positive influance on overall costs of utilities.

The saving is based on ability of consumer to move the consumption from the peak period to time when his consumption is lower by huge margin. This way, the consumer is able to modify load parameters defined in his agreement with distribution utility. Each saving kW means around 1 736 CZK cut in costs. Additionally, well-timed shift of load means another 738 CZK/kW saving (fee for exceeding reserved capacity).

We offer turn-key regulation systems based on regulation complexity and extent. Six to twelve outputs regulator is sufficient for simple applications. These outputs include separate reley contact switching power contacts of particular appliances.

In more complex cases we design systems with remote reading of partial load and with remote regulation through ethernet, radio modems or modems for data transfer on LV power line.

Delivery of regulators include software for online supervision on regulation and additional data processing for statistic purpose.