Capacitor banks for LV, MV and HV

LV and MV capacitor batteries have wide use in power supply and industry. There are two types of capacitor batteries – regulated and non-regulated used for:

  • compensation of reactive power consumption of large-scale consumers;
  • regualtion of reactive power at point of connection for generating plants (supervisory control of reactive power), which are not suited for such task (early photovoltaics and wind plants);
  • regulation of reactive power flows in distribution network in order to decreasing of active power losses; 
  • creating of load impedances in order to testing of electrical devices and appliances;
  • special purposes in testing facilities;
  • power source application of higher frequency (middle-frequency induction furnace etc.);
  • LV and MV filtering and compensating devices.


We are focusing on most of the above mentioned usage of batteries both LV and MV from tens of kVAr to tens MVAr used either in steel switchboards or as outside cell installation.




Title Implementation year Detail
Kondenzátorová baterie 35 kV, XSTRATA, 15,8 MVAr 2013 more information
Kondenzátorová baterie 22 kV, VTE Mlýnský Vrch, 1,2 MVAr 2010 more information