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PIR-5 - Impulse Memory Relay

Developing of Impulse Memory Relay PIR-5 was based on required galvanic separation of pulse control outputs of telecontrol (P, Q requirements) and connected circuits of power generating plants. PIR-5 generates permanent memory control signal from pulse (about 1 second) telecontrol output of type "1 out of 5". The relay is designed as quintuple and selected command is active even during the power supply failure by using the bistable relays.

For more details see: user's guide

PIR-5 PIR-5 diagram


Pulse imputs 24 V DC
Switching voltage on REG contacts 24 V DC; 4 A
Switching voltage on SIGcontacts   

220 V DC; 0,25 A

110 V DC; 0,4 A 

250 V AC; 1 A 

Dimensions 107 x 89 x 66 mm 
Installation DIN rail 35 mm




BK17 converts output code of selected tap of HV/MV transformer to binary. This converter makes interface between transformer and its automation requiring binary inputs in most common cases. The converter is designed for maximum DC voltage of 250 V.

For details see: user's guide 




Input voltage Max. 250 V DC  
Maximum current Max. 1 A 
Dimensions 107 x 89 x 66 mm 
Installation  DIN rail 35 mm 


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