Inductors and reactors

Inductors and reactors use can be used in several areas:

  • regulation of reactive power flows at points with improper flow of reactive power between large-scale consumers and distribution utilities networks supply these consumers with this power. Compensating inductors are usually placed at the LV side of MV/LV transformers but they can be placed on MV side in case of high power as well. They are used to reactive power regulation towards consumer (inductive load) thus limiting its fee for unauthorized reactive power supply into distribution system.
  • Inductors are used to protection of compensating capacitor batteries against harmonics overloads flowing through capacitor with no protection. Inductors design (current and inductance selection) subjects to some specific rules. The most important is that there shall be no negative impact on Ripple Control broadcasting in case of connection with compensating capacitor. Thus in example there shall not be used damping factor of 7 % (resonance frequency 189 Hz) bu 6 % (resonance frequency 205 Hz).
  • Reactors are used to increasing of  longitudinal impedance in power system circuits or MV capacitor batteries thus decreasing phase and phase-to-phase short circuit current so it is not cause the failure on source's parts, power lines or appliances.


We provide real situation analysis implying the measures to improving conditions at point of connection (connection of consumer or power supplier and DSO). The solutions considering individual requirements of power elements placement (inductors) to minimize construction and technology costs.