All supply and installation provided by EGC - EnerGoConsult ČB s.r.o. and EGC - service s.r.o. are subjected to 24 months warranty. The warranty can be prolonged up to 60 months by agreement. Such extension would be reflected by the associated increase in price.

Agreement for Ripple Control is established ensuring the maintainance and repairs within 24 hours from reporting the issue, in applicable case.

We provide post warranty support fow all implementation.


We offer support in following areas:
  • Maintainance and checking of coupling filters parameters of 22 kV, 35 kV and 110 kV Ripple Control transmitters.
  • Maintainance and servicing of LV and MV compensating switchboards.
  • Maintainance and servicing of devices for regualtion of active and reactive power of certain wind plants and photovoltaics.
  • Maintainance and servicing of certain supervisory control systems, software modification.
  • Maintainance and servicing of KTP 300 and KTP 400 current transformers.
  • Maintainance and servicing of balance protection relays and measuring systems for Ripple Control signal.