Ripple control


Ripple Control system has a long history in the Czech Republic. The evolution started on the turn of fithies and sixties last century with commision of first small power (up to 50 kVA) Ripple Control transmitters. These were rotating frequency generators emitting frequency into distribution networks (6 kV, 10 kV and 22 kV, 35 kV later) throughout coupling transformers. Pthfinder of this technology was VCE using system with 1050 Hz signal frequency.

With increasing number of semi-conductor technology in middle of seventies, first static frequency converters were developed and used as power sources of Ripple Control frequency for MV and 110 kV transmitters.



Power network lines are used to transmitting the information. Point of consumption at the 0.4 kV level are the main destination of that command code. In most cases these targets include electric storage appliances (heat water systems, storage heaters or heating systems using heat water), electricity heatings, heat exchangers and even the electric-powered vehicle tariffs in recent years. These are used by small-scale consumers (residential or small-scale business). Ripple Control signal switches the tariff at the meter in the point of consumption as well as it turns on/off contact, connecting regulated appliance to the power supply.


Coupling filters of 110 kV Ripple Control transmitter  MV Ripple Control transmitter + battery C1 + RS25


Ripple Control signal description

Ripple Control signal is generated by superimposing of basic frequency and keying the tone frequency of Ripple Control. Ripple Control frewuencies are always selected outside of harmonic or sub-harmonic power frequencies. Most power networks use the frequency from 175 Hz to 300 Hz.

Ripple Control signal is made by keying the tone. This telegram carries the information used to addressing particular Ripple Control reciever or better the group of recievers. This way it is possible to control remotely the electrical load. 

ZPA I-I (pulse – pulse) time raster of telegram is commonly used in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Long version of telegram (ZPA I-I 64s) is used in most of the Czech Republic. The short version (ZPA I-I 32s) is used in some places. It need to be note that VERSACOM telegram used on South Moravia and Slovakia.

 ZPA I-I 64s

ZPA 64


ZPA I-I 32s 

ZPA 32




SI starting pulses - designate the start of Ripple Control signal
ZM securing gap - safety mechanism for start of Ripple Control telegram check.
DI data pulses



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