Control centers and SCADA systems


We implemented several control centers for power industry using RESY-PMC control system in past years. Nowadays, this system is supported for maintanence purpose of existing applications only not for new projects. Last two implementations of the RESY-PMC system were the Dispatching Centre of Public Transportation of Ceske Budejovice and Sevetin Photovoltaics


Newspaper - August of 2007



Today we  provide new SCADA system called Reliance. This system is product of GEOVAP, spol. s r.o. and it has similar functions and it is fully supported in the Czech Republic – GEOVAP, Reliance. This system has a hundreds of references throughout the world from different areas including power supply and industry.

Reliance application has all SCADA system standard function such as:

• modularity allowing modifications based on customer needs;
• SCADA functions for data gathering, processing, recording and logging;
• visual user interface allowing alarming and display of diagrams, charts, tables and dialogs;
• large-screen display
• remote control including disabling conditions;
• online calculation;
• message generator and manual, scheduled or event-controlled start-up;
• sending event messages via e-mail and sms;
• communication through wide range of standard protocols;
• thin clients for access through web browsers;
• long term recording of measurements allowing tabular or chart presentation;
• recording of all events for read only;
• export to EXCEL, ACCESS etc.;
• integrated design (graphics and process objects), object orientation;
• quick designing due modularity and building blocks usage;
• easy, technology oriented work under MS Windows XP, 7, 8 etc.;
• others.

This system is fully compatible with power supply applications. It uses a modular basis and the cost is based on project size and required functions so it is well suited even for small size applications.


We used Reliance system for implementation of supervisory control of APB Pilsen's wind farm. This project runs successful since 2014. Supervisory control provides the overview and detail presentation of each farm including displaying wind speed, real-time power and today's generation on each wind turbine as well as for whole farms. 1- and 15-minutes values are recorded for each quantity.  

Overview displaying status of all wind parks, current powers, wind speed and intraday generation of each turbine as well as general intraday generation of each park and whole system. Overview of each tower power, wind speed and active and reactive energy continuous charts 15 minutes values overview


Title Implementation year Detail
SCADA Reliance - dohledový systém větrných elektráren APB Plzeň 2014 -