DAM: archiving and evaluating of measurement

DAM (Data Analysis of Measurement) system is recording and evaluating all measurements according to valid directives using whole-enterprise systems such as SAP, GIS, TE and SCADA if possible.


DAM is designed as:

• Two-layer application consists of the database and fat client on the user's PC.
• Three-layer application consists of the database, application server and thin client (using web browser) on user's PC.


DAM was developed primarily as a system for recording and evaluating of power network measurements. But its architecture allows the implementation of non-electrical values from gas, water and heat pipes systems.

Main features:

• recording of all measurements within utility (permanent and short-time);
• unified measurements on one level;
• unified tabular, chart and pdf outputs according to the valid directives;
• utilizing of existing database structures (implemented into the whole-utility ORACLE database);
• interconnection with external (whole-utility) systems - GIS, SCADA, SAP, TE etc.;
• open architecture allowing advanced function implementation;
• number of evaluating tools;
• user hierarchy (access rights definition);
• presentation of results to wide range of users – intranet access to data (www interface, thin client);
• server application used to import of data from mearuring instruments in predefined time intervals.


Evaluating tools:

• statistical evaluation of power quality measurements in compliance with valid legislation;
• distribution of measured power values;
• time profile of measured values during selected period;
• summary of mandatory chracteristics;
• tool for evaluating of voltage phenomena;
• export of recorded data to standard files (CSV, .txt);
• open architecture allowing implementation of new functions into evaluating tools of recording system;
• automatic generation of defined protocols in defined intervals.


Relationship to external system:

• each DS element is associated with measurement through its ID;
• extension of recorded data for GIS data;
• access to the power quality measurements through GIS;
• localization of DS element in GIS by selection of measurement in recording system;
• filtering of measurements in recording system through GIS demand;
• providing the measurements to subsequent processing made by e.g. calculating systems;
• recording of power flow in network through DAM – SCADA relationship;
• operation and tasks execution recording through DAM –SAP relationship.


Title Implementation year Detail
DAM - ČEZ Distribuce, a. s. 2015 -
DAM - E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o. 2015 -