DNCalc: DN analysis

Calculation system intended for full analysis of large, tied and shunt operated networks ranged from LV through MV up to the HV.


DNCalc interface DNCalc interface DNCalc interface
DNCalc interface


Calculation system DNCalc is intended for full analysis of distribution networks. It provides sturdy tools for standard calculations over the distribution networks as well as enhanced tools used for analyzation of specific operations in DS e.g. power quality, sources connectivity, Smart Grids, reliability and others. DNCalc provides wide range of elements allowing the user to simulate the distribution network operational problematics in high level of reality. Thus the user is able to analyzes the DS operation regarding the state of art trends in power energetics.

The basic calculation module that is based on the approved E-Vlivy 3.0 application is enhanced with calculation modules focusing at specific areas of DS operations. Modularity of DNCalc system and mutual cohesion of each calculation module in single user interface support the user with tools for full DS analyzations.

Implemented procedures comply with wide range of legislation and standards e.g.: Distribution Code, CSN EN 50 160 ed.3, CSN IEC 1000-2-2, CSN EN 61 000-3-2, CSN EN 60 909-9, PNE 33 3430 series, directive D-A-CH-CZ and others.


Modularity of DNCalc calculation system

Modularity of DNCalc calculation system


Connectivity Module

This module provides elements and functions to evaluating the connectivity of generations and loads connected to the distribution system, in compliance with valid legislation.



Power Quality Module

Power Quality Module focuses at full coverage of analysis associated with load and generation evaluation impacts on power quality. These analysis include both existing conditions and future situation resulting from technology changes, connection of new loads, network modifications etc.



Three-phase Calculation Module

Three-phase Calculation Module enhances the basic calculations with multi-line analysis of network status during operations and connection and disconnection of symmetrical and non-symmetrical equipment under normal and faulty network conditions. Benefits of this module analysis lay particularly in description of conditions of each conductor in simulated power network. This is necessary in example for accurate analysis of connection of several single-phase plants to LV networks.



Online Calculation Module

Online Calculation Module allows to utilizing the real operational data for calculations. The interface specification always depends on source of data. Calculation software supports the import of data from external systems such as SCADA, systems recording and evaluating measurements from power networks etc.



Smart Grids Module

Smart Grids Module supports the user with tools and elements to analyzing and simulating state of art trends in power energy focusing particularly on significant increase of distributed generation and Smart technologies. Its wide range of tools allows for full analyzation of distribution networks of all voltage levels.



Reliability Module

Reliable power supply to end consumers is one part of distribution networks. Reliability Module supports the user with tools for benefits of modern switching equipment deployment, changing of switching status of network and resulting improvements in distribution reliability. Reliability analysis includes the calculation of rate of return of such measures.



GIS & Maps Module

GIS & Maps Module combines the common network diagrams with map. It allows to displaying the power networks over the selected map background with various zooming levels. It supports various tools for map and network diagram modification, cross localization of elements in output packages and electrical and map diagrams as well as other tools for managing the distribution network over the map background. Inner architecture of GIS & Maps module is designed to importing the distribution network diagrams from products based on e.g. GIS platform.



Windows XP or higher are required for DNCalc.

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Title Implementation year Detail
DNCalc - E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o. 2016 -
DNCalc - ČEZ Distribuce, a. s. 2016 -
E-Vlivy 3 - ČVUT 2015 -
E-Vlivy 3 - ČEZ Distribuce, a. s. 2015 -
E-Vlivy 3 - Západoslovenská distribučná, a. s. 2015 -
E-Vlivy 2 - DAISY, spol s. r.o. 2014 -
E-Vlivy 2 - ČEZ Distribuce, a. s. 2011 -
E-Vlivy 2 - E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o. 2011 -
E-Vlivy 2 - ZSE Distribúcia, a. s. 2011 -