Calculations and measurements

We are making analysis, modeling, common and specific measurements of power equipment and their impacts on network.


Power quality

    • Evaluation of impacts of customers and generation 

full range of services from evaluation of actual power quality through connectibility analysis of new equipment topower quality measurement and measurement of specific type.  

    • Suggestions for power quality improvements

suggesting of measures improving power quality and avoiding its deterioration.

    • Evaluation of continuity of DSO power supply

processing of reports related to general standards of continuity of DSO powers supply.

    • Evaluation of continuity of power supply for DS consumers

processing of reports related to general standards of power supply continuity for particular consumers.

    • Measurements of disturbance inpower networks, design and implementation of suitable measures

localization of pulse disturbance source, design and implementation of measures to their removal.


Calculation of level of Ripple Control signal

calculation of Ripple Control signal level.


Calculation and measuring of touch and step potential

determination of touch potential level on the items in close vicinity of power equipment and designation of possible solutions in case of exceeded limits.


Measuring and evaluation of transient phenomena of load and generation in DS

analysis and evaluation of transient phenomena.


Measuring and design of loads