Calculation of touch and step voltages

We provide the touch and step potential measurements according to EN 50522 Earthing of power installations exceeding 1 kV a.c., EN 61936-1 Power installations exceeding 1 kV – Part 1: Common rules and PNE 33 0000-1 Protection agains electrical shock in distribution and transmission systems.

The aim of measurement is identify the level of touch potential on objects in close vicinity of power equipment and design of possible options if limits are exceeded. Measurement is done in cooperation with the installation owner and DSO. Measurements are made at every point in close vicinity of the installation where staff can be in danger.

Measurements are made at frequency vary from 50 Hz. Due to this method the results are unaffected even under conditions of sever disturbances at power frequency.

The measurement of step potential is usually the part of the task in close vicinity of DSO installation.