Measuring and evaluation of transients of load and generation in DS

Transient phenomena are common in distribution network operation. Evaluating of transient phenomena impact on distribution network safety and ensuring the continuity of supply were always an important part of power industry. Significant increase of DR connected to DS in last years made the description of transient phenomena more important. EGC - EnerGoConsult ČB s.r.o. analyzes and measures the transient phenomena at LV, MV and HV level.

Our specialists use  PSCAD a E-Vlivy calculation tools to modeling and analyzing of expected transient phenomena of connected load or DR. Analysis includes both detail model of evaluated equipment and its performance during normal operation (connection, disconnection, regulation etc.) and analysis of its performance during fault conditions of DS (short-circuit, line interruption, emergency shotdown due equipment failure etc.) 

The accuracy of transient phenomena analysis is heavily affected by the accuracy and completness of given DS and equipment parameters. Because of our experience we are developing the DS elements model library for transient phenomena modeling. This library can be used to modeling purpose when full details of equipment are not available. This library forms in close cooperation with Brno UT and with TA CR support (projekt nr. TA 03020523). The model example and partial outputs is shown on following picture. 


 Processes analysis in PSCAD


In cooperation with our subsidiary EGC - service s.r.o. we provide wide range of specific measurements describing performance of evaluated equipment when transient phenomena occur. High accurancy instruments are used for the measurements. Time profile of phenomena is recorded for 20μs and longer samples.

Transient phenomena treatment includes load and generation measurement during connection, disconnection, regulation, emergency shotdowns etc.

The non-electric values with direct impact on evaluated system dynamics are recorded during the transient phenomena as well. We use instruments with accurate pyranometers for exposition measurement, anemometers for wind speed measurements and others.