Elaboration of directions and standards

Creation of Distribution System Codex

We are participating on creation of Distribution System Codex (DSC) and all its annexes since 2000. We are members of Commitee for creating and revisioning of DSC and associated working groups.


Comments to ERO directives

We actively commit comments to directive drafts related to power quality, loads and generations connection to the distribution systems and theirs modifications and revisions.


Creation of standards related to power quality and consumer and generation impacts

We commit comments to CSN, PNE, EN and IEC standards with scope in earthening, protection against touch hazards, EMC, power quality, generation connected to the distribution networks. We are processing individual standards from series of factory standards for power industry, namely PNE 38 4065, PNE 33 3430-0, PNE 33 3430-7, PNE 33 3430-8-1, PNE 33 34030-8-2 and PNE 38 4065.
We are making comments to drafted CENELEC standards related to power quality and distributed generation and we are members of certain CENELEC working groups.
We too making the PNE 38 4065 OPERATION, DESIGN AND TEST OF RELEAYS AND AUTOMATIONS used for transmission and distribution system power equipment.


Creation of standards for Ripple Control

Our employees played active role on the rise of Ripple Control in power industry in the Czech Republic and are still participating on making Czech and international standards and directions associated with those equipment operation, particularly PNE 33 3430-6 and PNE 38 2530.