Connectivity studies

We make connectivity studies for generations and loads connected to distribution (and local) systems. The connectivity studies can be made for any type of generation in example: 


  • Photovoltaics
  • Wind turbines 
  • Biogass stations 
  • Biomass plants 
  • Small hydro 
  • Heat generation
  • Cogeneration and CHP units 
  • etc. 



Studies are not focusing on evaluation of connectivity of single source only but they can be compile for complex plants e.g. wind farms with high many wind turbines and others. 

Connectivity studies evaluate impacts of specific (distirbing) equipment such as blast furnaces, welding machines, frequency converters, saws etc. The impact of load on Ripple Control is evaluated too. Thus studies are related to many other industrial areas such as steel, car, wood-working etc.

Generation and load connectivity studies comply with valid legislation, particular law #458/2000 Sb., Edict #51/2006 Sb., Appendix 4 Distribution System Code, series of Czech National Standards, utility standards in power supply, D-A-CH-CZ rules and standpoints published by distribution operators. The evaluation shall be based on knowledge of distribution system parameters and relevant technology.

Finnished connectivity studies featured all Distribution System Codex requirements including but not limited to: 


  • Impact on voltage
  • Impact on Ripple Control
  • Contribution to short circuit current
  • Contribution to flicker level
  • Emission of harmonic currents
  • Requirements for relay type and setting
  • Power system support under fault conditions
  • Generation characteristics under voltage and frequency deviation
  • and more


We use the software E-Vlivy (product of EGC - EnerGoConsult ČB s.r.o.) to create the connectivity studies. This software is utilized, among the others, by all distribution system operators in Czech Republic. In specific case we are using the software tool PSCAD.

Our employees participating on creation of Power System Operation Codex and other Standards garantee the quality of connectivity studies. We make studies for all voltage levels (LV, MV and HV) and for whole Czech Republic and Slovakia territory.


Feasibility studies

We make feasibility studies of projects from all around electric power, distributed generation and Smart Grids. Feasibility studies include not only connectivity study but provide the detail analysis of specific implementation too thus working as full-scale pre-project preparation. Feasibility studies are within valid legislation and are based on close cooperation with stakeholder or submitter of feasibility study or designer. The feasibility study resulting in the draft of implementaion solution supported by specific calculations and it includes the discussion with submitter about each variant issues. Full-scale feasibility study extend to many specific areas such as evaluation of impact on distribution system, design, selection of suitable equipment, protection design etc. Studies are made for all voltage levels (LV, MV and HV).

Feasibility studies are calculated in our own power network modeling tool – E-Vlivy software which calculates power quality evaluation and other features. Program PSCAD is used for other special tasks.  

Smart Grid


CBA - Cost Benefits Analysis

Our company works on Cost Benefits Analysis (CBA) for different areas of power supply. CBA is often a part of feasibility study but it can be made independently. The objective of this study is not only to verify impact of implementing various components on the operation of distribution networks but also the efficiency evaluation of measures taken during the generation variation with regard to power quality etc. CBA usually includes the comparison of each evaluated option. Stakeholder can then choose the best solution on these option basis.

Cost Benefits Analysis can be made and used to evaluating of efficiency of various measures and for comparision with default conditions on which the improvements were based on.


Other types of studies

EGC - EnerGoConsult ČB s.r.o. specialists  are participating on national studies or studies with impact on significant part of power supply in Czech republic. They take share in many task groups working on important subjects of power supply and they are processing partial or full studies. Partners for processing these studies are Distribution System Operators (CEZ Distribuce, a.s., E.ON Distribuce, a.s. and PREdi, a.s.), CEPS, a.s. etc.



Title Implementation year Detail
Retrofit fotovoltaických elektráren 2015 more information
Nasazení dálkově ovládaných úsečníků 2014 more information
Studie připojitelnosti FVE Ralsko 51,5 MW - připojeno do 110 kV ČEZ Distribuce, a.s. 2013 more information