Power factor compensation

Load of large-scale consumers connected to the MV/HV distribution system (DS) shall be compensated so the average monthly power factor would be in required range (0.95 - 1). Threfore the point of consumption need to be equipped with individual, group or central power factor compensation. This compensation is usually automated working without human input.

We are able to determine particular reactive power flows at point of connection and propose, with respect to the specific requirements, unprotected, protected and quick compenzation modules satisfying required speed and accuracy of regulation along with durability against external impact of harmonic, disturbance etc.

In case of overcompensated load we design situation-specific compensating systems at LV/MV levels.

Real world values of power and power factor in wood-processing industry


We supply, install and make revisions of devices for reactive power regulation. We make the reconstruction of LV compensating switchboards, if needed. We supply components particularly LV and MV compensating capacitors made in the Czech Republic.

We supply, install and make revisions of devices for reactive power regulation of DER (photovoltaics, wind plants, small hydro etc.). Where appropriate (supervisory control of reactive power), we implemented devices that comply with the distribution utility requirements.

Our long-time experience inculdes more than 120 point of consumption of large-scale consumers and tens of DERs with working reactive power regulation.


Title Implementation year Detail
Kompenzace - SLOUPÁRNA Majdalena s.r.o. 2015 -
Kompenzace - Jihočeské divadlo, p.o. 2014 more information
Kompenzace - Haas Fertigbau Chanovice s.r.o. 2014 -
Kompenzace - AGRIPROD s.r.o. 2014 more information
Kompenzace - Vendue a.s., Společenský dům, Týn nad Vltavou 2013 -
Kompenzace - FVE Troskotovice 2013 more information
Kompenzace - Městské divadlo Český Krumlov o.p.s. 2013 -
Kompenzace - Haas Fertigbau Chanovice s.r.o. 2013 -
Kompenzace - Křenovice, Zemědělská společnost Dubné a. s. 2012 more information