We offer specialized software services based on different platforms. We are developing applications for single-chip processors, communication programs and even integrated power industry systems.


Long-term development systems 

DNCalc DNCalc - Calculation system intended for full analysis of large, tied and shunt operated networks ranged from LV through MV up to the HV.
DAM DAM - system for measurement recording and evaluation using relations to whole-company GIS and SCADA systems in electricity, gas-, water- and heat-pipe networks.



SCADA systems

  • Implementation of dispatch control systems into engineering and industry operations. more...


Custom-made programming  

  •  Usually this regards to specific solution for particular situation. more...


We are using these platforms: C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Win32 API, PL/SQL, Oracle, Delphi, ...

We provide the technical support and maintainance including integration into existing systems and customization.