Power quality

Evaluation of impacts of consumers and generation 

We offer full-scale services related to evaluation of impacts including existing power quality evaluation, analysis of newly connected devices, power quality measurements and special type of measuremens to identify characteristics of devices connected to distribution network


The extend of evaluation

We evaluate the impact of devices already connected to the distribution network as well as devices scheduled to connection in the future. Working on this issue we cooperate with our subsidiary EGC - service s.r.o. which provides the measurements of power quality before and after the connection of evaluated equipment. We use many wide range of class A and class S analyzers from different vendors. This ensures the high quality of measurement.

The evaluation of equipment beign connected is based on existing power quality and specification of evaluated equipment. The evaluation itslef is processed for both, individual equipments and group of equipment which consumption or generation could affected power quality in given area of distribution system.

Studies evaluationg the impact of equipment are made for whole territory of Czech Republic and Slovaria and they are accepted by all distribution system operators.


Modeling of point of delivery

Models of evaluated equipment are calculated in E-Vlivy 3 software intended to modeling of impacts of generation and load on distribution system. We use the PSCAD to evaluate the impact of equipment with unique generation or load characteristics. We provide the determination of impacts in cooperation with our subsidiary EGC - service s.r.o. that use class A and class S devices and is supporting both, the ordinary measurements of power quality with one week period and the long-term monitoring of dips, peaks and intrrruptions of power or special kind of short-term measurements focusing on rapid characteristics of evaluated equipment. 


Solutions improving the level of power quality

Another activity connected directly to the evaluation of existing and future power quality we performed is the designation of possible steps leading to mitigating of existing power quality deterioration. We check proposed solutions through measurement of final power quality in cooperation with our subsidiary EGC - service s.r.o. 


Distribution continuity evaluation od DSO

We evaluate the distribution continuity for all distribution system operators (DSOs) in the Czech Republic and for one in the Slovakia. Our support in this area includes auditing of transfered data and deep audit of information flows within information systems. Moreover we evaluate the impact of inforamtion system data processing on final log of events.

We are supporting the creation of information systems and design an optimal structure of data related to power distribution continuity. On given results basis we propose the options leading to general improvement of power supply continuity. Final analysis includes the comparison with other EU Member Stated including impact evaluation of CEER and ACER requirements in the Czech Republic environment. Results of this evaluation are provided to ERO (Energy Regulation Office]).

We are cooperating with DSO in Czech Republic since 1997. 

Part of the work on evaluation of power supply continuity is the cooperation with all DSOs on revisions and modifications of Network Codex, Annex 2 and modifications of Order 540.


Evaluation of power supply continuity of DS consumers

Reviewing of common standards level of power supply continuity for particular consumers based on data acquired from the given consumer. The review includes proposed measures to improve the common standard levels of power supply in consumer's point of supply.


Measuring of disturbances in power networks. Design and implementation of measures

We localize the source of pulse disturbance nad design the measures for its eleimination. We focus particularly on disturbace caused by Ripple Control. We analyze the impact of harmonics on appliances, design measures to minimize or remove such impact and delivering and deploing of equipment.